Professional Services

As a successful, growing Professional Services firm, are you offering your clients an end-to-end customer experience that makes them want to do business with you? 

How much value are you getting from the systems you have in place? Is there a consumption gap, meaning did you pay for tech that your team is barely using? 

Learn how to squeeze every last drop of automation, efficiency and power from what you already have, and where to look for the next time-saving tip. 

Whether you are small and starting up, mid-sized and growing, or the 800-lb gorilla, we can give your team what it needs to succeed.

Galeforce Partners Create & Manage Projects

Create & Manage Projects

Save time and create consistency with the use of templates for projects and project tasks.  Quickly create new projects from master templates adding standard components, resources, budgets, and billing specifications.  Then, easily manage multiple projects with a complete holistic view including, labor, services, materials, and more.

Galeforce Partners Streamline Workflows

Streamline Workflows

Easily manage tasks and resources for all your projects.  Define tasks and resources globally or for individual projects, assign flexible billing rates based on project specifications, and see expected revenues.  Next, run any number of pre-built reports for financial and non-financial data relevant to projects.  Reduce errors with approvals process.  Manage change orders with a full audit trails.

Galeforce Partners Advanced Accounting

Advanced Accounting

Designed to meet your business needs through advanced accounting features, such as: multicurrency projects, flexible billing, WIP support, expense allocations, revenue recognition options, cost-driven pricing models, integrated payroll, including government contractors, and unionized workers, remote time tracking and expense entry.


Project Timing


Flexible Project Reporting


Automated Project Billing


Metrics for Comparisons


Stakeholder Need Management


Budgets, Estimates, and Actuals

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