Microsoft Dynamics 365 (F&O)

For midsized and large services firms, you face a boatload of complexity. If you feel like you’re being pulled in multiple directions and unable to control the current, it may not be you, it might be your software. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is built to connect your organization and help you drive more value from enterprise resource management (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM).

As a trusted partner for project-driven firms including professional services, architecture and engineering, financial services, and more, Galeforce is proud to work with Microsoft to deliver this powerful solution for midsized and large organizations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Built to deliver Microsoft Dynamics AX for the cloud, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations offers familiar, easy to use, and customizable ERP for medium, large, and global project-based businesses. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations empowers business users to adapt to rapidly changing business environments. It provides businesses everything they need to control finances and manage funds with accurate information for financial planning and forecasting, and helps them stay up to date with analytics tools.

With Finance and Operations, you can empower business users and help your company to:

  • Accelerate Growth: Adapt to changing market demands and facilitate growth with a unified finance and operations environment that empowers people to make fast, informed decisions.
  • Elevate Your Financial Performance: Improve revenue growth with a centralized, global financial management solution that delivers robust financial intelligence and embedded analytics in real time to help increase profitability.
  • Deliver the Right Information to the Right People: Built for the cloud and built for your people, Finance and Operations empowers employees with role-based workspaces that provide intelligent automation, task prioritization, and integration with Microsoft Office 365 applications to maximize efficiency for positive business outcomes.
  • Connect Your Global and Diverse Business: Minimize operational costs across business geographies with financial process automation, encumbrance, budget planning, budget control, and more.
  • Streamline Management in a Familiar Environment: Finance and Operations helps businesses facilitate asset management, efficiently track values, and reduce reporting errors with centralized, automated

Features of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Built around a strong General Ledger, Finance and Operations connects to accounts receivable, sales and marketing, cash management, accounts payable, project management, and more:


General Ledger

Built for consolidations, general ledger provides an organization with a central location to organize and manage all of the organization’s financial records. Integrated with other modules, businesses can add subledgers to simplify multicompany management and more.

Accounts Payable

With Dynamics 365 Finance Accounts payable, financial leaders can distribute expenses, taxes, and charges across accounts. Easily manage their vendors, purchase orders, discounts, transactions, and invoices to reduce liability and generate greater income.

Accounts Receivable

The Dynamics 365 Finance Accounts receivable module enables organizations to track customer invoices and incoming payments. Easily add customers, manage and send invoices, and collect payments how you like.

Project Management

Built to provide the visibility you need into your projects, the Dynamics 365 Finance project management and accounting module enables you to plan, create, manage, control and complete projects for your organization. From fixed price projects to time and material projects, project definitions are customized and connected, whether it’s a matter, a ticket, or a job.


Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations empowers finance leaders to properly estimate the total financial requirements by determining the operating requirements, and the fixed capital and working capital requirements of the company.


Cash Flow Visibility

Dynamics 365 Finance offers tools, features, and a workspace with built-in intelligent controls to give real-time insight into an organizations’ cash flow, product supply and demand. Analyze cash flow and currency requirements, manage liquidity, and more.


Smarter Credit and Collections Management

The credit and collections functionality in Dynamics 365 Finance predicts when invoices will be paid, based on a multi-tiered historical analysis.

“D365FO is a fundamental building block for us, the cornerstone of our strategy underpinning our operational efficiencies and rearchitecting our business functions.”

– Leonard Donaldson, CIO, FCTG Global

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