The GFC Team Welcomes Greentree to Practice

The GFC Team Welcomes Greentree to Practice

We’re Expanding Our Portfolio of Services to Include Greentree ERP Software

GaleForce Consulting Partners (GFC) is excited to bring Greentree ERP Software and support services to their portfolio of offerings. Greentree is a powerful, fully integrated business solution for small and mid-sized firms (SMBs) who need a system to grow with them, but who have limited budgets. This product enhances GaleForce’s commitment to their clients and future customers.

“GFC’s mission – “to make many work as one” – conforms to what our mid-market clients demand, which requires GFC to offer our clients truly innovative software systems that actually mitigate non-value added tasks,” states Eric Emerson, Managing Partner at GaleForce Consulting. “After a wide and long search in the market we were excited to discover and embrace the Greentree system and community. We are thrilled to offer their systems and our support to existing and new clients who crave innovation and make a difference.”

Greentree ERP Software is designed to make businesses more effective and more profitable. Since 1984, Greentree has committed to continually improving their product, delivering more value to businesses everywhere. It is a completely integrated, unified solution. Simply turn on what you need knowing that the modules work cohesively because they are all on one complete business management platform.

“We quickly realized Greentree would be a great fit,” Emerson stated. “Both Greentree and GFC have common core values based around listening and working side-by-side with clients to deliver a product to fit their business needs. For more than 16 years, GFC has assisted clients with a personalized, old-school approach of listening and creating an actual dialogue with our clients. We collaborate with many other firms to find those systems and services that compliment what our clients require. We believe it’s about our clients’ growth; not ours. Our growth will be at the pace our clients’ take us,” said Emerson.

Harry Mowat, Greentree Managing Director, agrees with the aligned core business values. “We are extremely excited to be entering into partnership with GFC as our master reseller for America. Greentree has been building innovative ERP software for more than 30 years, and in that time, we have established a solid customer base in the region. GFC has a long history of success in the business software space, and we believe that Greentree is a perfect solution to add to their portfolio, to continue their growth. With mutual high aspirations, Greentree and GFC will work in unison to continue to build and maintain a happy, vibrant Greentree customer community.”

GFC has recently brought on some experienced Greentree resources, who are at the ready to service and support a robust community of clients.

For More Information, Contact: Donna Krizik, GaleForce Consulting, dkrizik@gfcpartners.com.

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The Secret to Finding Good Customized Investment Banking Software

The Secret to Finding Good Customized Investment Banking Software

There is no “one size fits all” solution for investment banking software. While financial software can streamline many investment banking tasks, a large portion of the day-to-day work must be done manually or, at best, in a semi-automated fashion.

This is a well-known fact throughout the industry, yet even the savviest of modern investment bankers have been unsure about how they can solve this issue.

Until now.

Learn how your organization can leverage customized investment banking software to get more done, in less time, using automation for even the most complex of tasks.

Customized Investment Banking Software: Your Secret Weapon

In the battle to build your investment bank, your mission is to broker more deals and land more clients. You do not have a moment to lose – and you certainly do not have time to waste on:

  • Complex conflict checking
  • Detailed disclosures
  • Regulatory compliance mandates
  • Extensive expense accounting

Galeforce Consulting Group can help you take back your time by developing customized investment banking software that automates these tasks and more to drive your business forward into the future.

Why Choose Galeforce Consulting Partners as Your Investment Bank’s Partner?

The investment banking industry faces unique requirements, as well as extremely close regulatory scrutiny. That means you cannot choose just any software expert to serve your organization.

You need a partner with deep expertise in software and deep expertise in your industry. Galeforce is that partner.

Galeforce delivers:

  • 20 years of experience helping investment bankers streamline their operations
  • More than 2 decades of software customization experience tailored to project-oriented companies
  • Personalized attention to your investment bank’s precise needs
  • Fully secure and compliant solutions to automate your data processing activities

In other words, Galeforce Consulting Partners is your secret weapon for customized investment banking software development.


With more than 500 successful system implementations and dozens of clients working with us for more than two decades, we are proud to be one of the most trusted names in project and services-focused business management technology.

If you feel that your investment bank is caught in a crosswind that is pulling you in different directions, trust the expert partners at Galeforce to put the wind at your back and get your business not only back on track, but storming ahead of the competition.

Important Take-Aways:

  • Investment banks do not have “one size fits all” software solutions that fit their needs
  • You can automate conflict checking, disclosure, compliance, and expense accounting using customized investment banking software
  • Galeforce Consulting Partners deliver 20 years of experience helping customize solutions for investment banks

Have questions about managing cybersecurity for your business? Please contact Galeforce Consulting Partners today to see how we can help!